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At Generative Minds, we pride ourselves in our ability to foster creativity, productivity and innovation.

Mission Statement

Generative Minds was created to empower purpose driven organizations with ethical and responsible Generative AI solutions, fostering creativity, productivity, and meaningful impact. We provide innovative AI integration, training, and consultancy services, centered around people, equity, diversity, and inclusion, in order to foster a transformative digital future that benefits all of society.

Vision Statement

At Generative Minds, we envision a world in which purpose driven organizations are able to harness the power of cutting-edge Generative AI technology to realize their ambitious objectives and make the world a better place. By equipping organizations with the essential tools and expertise to flourish in the dynamic landscape of tomorrow, we can contribute to a future where innovation and advancement prevail. United, let’s forge a brighter future, unlocking the boundless potential of technology for organizations across the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

Core Values


AI should be made available for the benefit of all of society.


AI should be used responsibly – to achieve social good and support all members of society.


AI should enable people to be more effective at the work they do – not to replace them.

To find out more about Generative Minds and to book a call with an Innovation Consultant, please fill in our contact form or get in touch via connect@genminds.co.uk

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